I spent most of the long weekend working on this and I’m so pleased with it–even though there’s no bright colors or patterns to be seen!

Well, almost no patterns and colors:

Oh yes, I Hong Kong finished all the interior seams with floral bias binding. It was extra work but that linen herringbone is so nice I wanted to give it a nice finish. (Seriously, the linen was a dream to work with–so much body, took an iron beautifully but kept its texture, just a neutral delight.)

I had the J. Peterman copy from the “champagne in a rowboat” jacket in my head while I was working on this: “It looks like nothing on the hanger and really not much in the picture. It looks like everything on.” This is just a beige shape on the hanger, but even throwing it on unhemmed over pajamas with weekend hair suddenly makes me feel so elegant! Polished! Even, maybe, finally…someone who brings champagne on a boat ride!