I went to the fabric store in Provo over the weekend with a list of very specific fabrics to make things forĀ  summer. I wasn’t expecting them to have much but lo and behold, they had the PERFECT heavier weight herringbone linen-cotton:

What am I re-creating from 2007? This linen “topper” from Emersonmade, before they were Emerson Fry, which is one of the first things I ever saved on Pinterest:

The Assembly Line Cap Sleeve Vest pattern that I made at the first of the year gives the exact same vibes, plus I know it fits and I like it. I won’t line this version; I also got a fat quarter from Harmony to make into bias binding to Hong Kong finish the seams.

I still feel the most “dressed” for work in a blazer-like object but most people show up to Zooms in sweatshirts; I think this rumply linen will be a nice casual-but-still-more-polished-than-a-sweatshirt layer to have for the summer.