A couple of months ago, I was pondering trying the Greenstyle Flare Leggings again. What made me do it? I bought the Nooworks “Cropped Kick Flare” pant (about the only place I buy RTW now) and I realized I could crop the Greenstyle pattern and get exactly the same thing.

Nooworks (yes I bought this whole ‘fit, even thought the pants don’t have pockets):

Cropped Flare Leggings by me, hot off the serger:

I took about 4 inches off the bottom hem and also narrowed the flare by about half an inch on each side. I used the last of a Nerida Hansen designed by Lilian Farag (last seen here, and wow if I really want to bring back the 2000s, I could layer them).

Anyway, those alterations and the print made me really love this pattern. It might me the summer equivalent of the joggers I live in all winter, since I’m already planning more.