I’ve been sewing lately, just not a lot and not always successfully or with great associations: I stress sewed a robe during my week off when Matt was sick; I made a two-piece set that I was going to wear to a second interview…before I didn’t get the job or the interview; and most recently I took some precious jersey from Doops Designs in Australia and tried to make a jumpsuit. It didn’t work. Then I tried to cut it apart and salvage the pants and make a new top with the remaining fabric and that didn’t work either.

I needed a win, is what I’m saying. So I pulled out some different precious Australian jersey (because I learn nothing) and made a True Bias Nikko Dress and not only did it work, there’s no unhappy baggage around making it!

I’m so pleased with it I’m not even waiting for a modeled shot. This is the final try on before I stitched the hem down and I love it–all my 90s-teen turtleneck dreams have returned but this time I have awesome swole shoulders and arms (and confidence, and maturity, and meds for anxiety).

I went up two sizes from the recommended size based on body measurements and looked at the finished garment measurements instead. It translates well as a column-style dress versus a bodycon one, I think. I also shortened it about 10 inches from the full length. The jersey itself is lovely, thick and opaque even in white, with lots of stretch and a cool hand.

This was so fast and made me so happy, I’m tempted to make another. It feels casual enough that I can see wearing this to Target with Birkenstocks, but I can also put on ankle boots and go to a client meeting.