When Doc got out of the surprise hospital visit a couple weeks before his scheduled surgery, I stopped at Sewtopia to get a little treat of neon pink webbing. I wanted to make the Buckthorn Backpack/Tote in time to use during his (planned) hospital stay–I liked how it could be hands-free and it seemed like the pockets could hold both a Kindle and a sock project.

Well, we all know what happened to my plans for being there in the hospital for him…but I did finish the bag over the weekend while he was home and I was still keeping away from him until I got a negative test.

The only mods I made were to add a key leash a laptop pocket on one side. The backpack straps made me think this might be a good travel bag if I ever have a work trip and I had leftover tailor’s felt to pad the laptop pocket with.

I did splash out for the deluxe zipper from Zipper and Thread. It ended up being a perfect color match to the outer fabric, which I had from another unblogged bag project last year. It’s waterpoof Ottertex outdoor canvas so it was thicccc but I used basting tape instead of pins (life changing) and my machine handled it all really well.