I am still sick but Doc is still negative so as far as we can tell, his surgery is happening tomorrow. Based on current CDC recs, I can’t leave the house until Thursday, so he’s driving himself to the hospital and then I’ll do a car shuffle with my friend (who already got this) when I can visit him.

But that means I can’t be there to talk to the team beforehand, I can’t squeeze his hand, I can’t be there when he wakes up, I can’t even give him a hug goodbye at home. I am…really hating that, but thank god for therapy tools, I guess.

Anyway, I am veering between “everything is awful!” and “he’s ok with it and it’s out of your control anyway,” so enjoy this chaotic moodboard:

And finally, I’ve just been living in the bedroom with my laptop since Saturday night and wow have I been stress shopping–my tabs are all just different carts. At least I haven’t hit “buy” on any of them? But I might. This could be me, with not a care in the world:


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