Doc is home and doing great–walking around, eating normal food, not really in pain except for the first thing in the morning. When you consider that just five days ago he had a large section of his guts just removed, it’s pretty amazing.

This is our first experience with any kind of laparoscopic surgery and we’re both just fascinated by it. We didn’t expect there to be multiple incisions! They superglued the skin wounds closed! How does a surgeon even practice this?! There’s a special gut stapling tool??!

Doc even found video of the actual surgery. It stops at a paywall before any stapler action, right after they show someone’s sigmoid colon getting pulled out of an incision like a magician pulling a scarf out of their sleeve–which was honestly enough for me. But still: cool and fascinating!

Neither of us have had a surgery before and going into this, I was still scarred by my mom’s failed surgery. But this surgery went really well! The surgeon did a great job and we want to write her a thank you note! These are strange new feelings where doctors are concerned, but I’ll take them.