I thought I’d take a break from quilts and sew up a jacket I’ve had in mind since the fall–The Assembly Line Cap Sleeve Vest. I could see it as a good Zoom layer that kept me warm but also let whatever print I was wearing underneath get highlighted. And it is!


I sewed this up entirely in stash fabrics–a Kaufman light twill that I bought in the great Pants Fever of 2017 and a Fabric Godmother viscose lawn that I had shipped from England and then didn’t love. But do I love it as a lining? Yes! And do I love THESE NEW CUSTOM LABELS? You know it:

Oh yeah I finally made these happen. I’ve been wanting custom labels for a couple of years now, inspired by Martha Moore of Buried Diamond, but I thought I needed a designer. Turns out I just needed to pay for a trial of Canva and find a template to alter (and a cool font). Then I sent the file to Dutch Label Shop and boom! Custom labels of my dreams.

They’re about $2 each, so they’re not cheap, but they add more than $2 worth of flair. Get ready to see a lot more of these on every jacket-like project I make.