As I said yesterday, we were at the ER Friday for a CT scan/meds for diverticulitis. It wasn’t a bad visit, as ER visits go–and this isn’t our first gut rodeo–but I was stressed. So I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to stop at Sewtopia when you pick up Doc’s prescriptions and get a little treat?”

The bag I finished last week was ok when it was 100% full, but I realized I wasn’t using it stuffed to the brim and it was annoyingly floppy. At the back of my mind I thought I would just look at Sewtopia’s heavy canvas and webbing and just consider maybe making a new version of the bag.

Reader, I got a little treat…of 10 oz canvas and a really cool patterned webbing I never would have considered had the delightful store owner not recommended it. I came home with fabric and meds and proceeded to spend Saturday making another bag:

All these pictures are of an empty bag–the right weight of canvas really gives it structure. Here’s a comparison of the two so you can see what I mean by “annoyingly floppy”:

The heavy canvas is definitely more functional and I love the “1970s kitchen” colors. I even threw on a random label I had sitting around. Happiness wherever possible, right?

Was this a little bit of an obsessive and unnecessary project? Sure. But is sewing a fairly harmless way to feel like you can control something, and do you need that when you feel like you’re at the mercy of random Fates? Absolutely. Plus, now I have a really functional (extra) bag.


PS- I escaped jury duty.