Lyz Lenz’s newsletter was a guest post today from Molly Monk, about making a community in a red state (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Our lives are different from the heterosexual homes that feel more insular, built around husbands, wives, and children. We build our lives with and around an expansive network of friends and loves. You don’t have to be queer to do this (and there are people in my community who aren’t), but being queer makes it easier to imagine a life, a happy life, outside of the traditional nuclear family. Whether their family rejects them or not, most queer people have had to at least confront the possibility that they’d lose support from their loved ones for being who they are. Once you decide to choose being yourself over the traditional expectations of family, a whole new way of living opens itself up to you — one that’s free of gender roles and expectations and full of beautiful possibilities.


Alok’s statement has stuck with me since I saw it last year:


Sophia, on TikTok as “Trans Elder Sophia,” shares her perspective 40 years post-transition (if you have a young person in your life, show them this):

@transeldersophia #trans #transgender #transsexual #transwomen #transeldersophia ♬ original sound – Sweet and Saucy Sophia

“They can try as they might to erase us. They won’t. […] No matter what laws they pass, trans people will continue to be born.”


Rep. Bowman’s shows us how to be a straight/cis ally:

“They’re not taking your lunch money. Let them live their lives.”