I wanted an easy project after those fiddly satin pajamas and also wanted a more organized knitting bag. I have one of the original canvas Fringe Field Bags and have just been carrying that on Sunday visits to families instead of a purse–but there’s not a good place for my phone or keys (or water bottle).

So when Grainline Studio launched the pattern to DIY the larger bag Fringe used to sell, the Town Bag, I thought that would be ideal for a purse/knitting bag combo and an easy project.

Sewing-wise, it WAS an easy project. But you notice how there are only strap rivets on one side? Grainline neglected to mention that their hardware kits didn’t include any way to SET the rivets. So I had too many go awry to do both sides. (I tried to make it look intentional by putting snaps on the outer pockets of the other side.)

Grainline did mention that you needed a 10 oz canvas in order for the bag to stand up on its own, a fact I neglected to notice until I’d ordered this 6 oz “canvas” (again from that Warp and Weft line; love the colors). The bag is very floppy when it’s empty but once I pack it up with my wallet and phone and keys and water bottle and yarn, it holds its shape.

I might be turning into someone who only likes to sew straight lines…first quilts and now bags. It might be time to start on that travel bag I keep talking about.