I could have done more to meet the theme of the year (although I have contacted my elected officials more than I ever have in my life), but boy howdy did I sew a lot. If retirement planning or setting up a freelance site were anything like thinking about or making clothes, I would always meet my goals.


I had a hard time picking a favorite project to highlight with a photo–the Sgt Pepper Liberty shirt was a close second, as was the red ikat topper . But these ikat pants were the real breakthrough: I finally made some that fit and that opened up A Whole New World. I realized that I could make a lot more of my wardrobe. I realized I felt a lot better wearing things not made in a sweatshop. I bought a serger and went to town.

My style also changed a bit (“the Eileen Fisher Years“) and I put a little more thought into what I liked to wear as well as where it came from. I did a “define your style” worksheet along with a shopping fast; I’ve  always pooh-poohed those types of exercises but it was actually really, really helpful.

So here’s the total list for me in 2017:

Plus, Doc got two shirts and a set of loungewear. (Whew!)


Clearly sewing is where my heart is. I don’t watch a lot of TV, I don’t have kids or a crazy gym routine, so I can put the time into it. In the past it’s been easy to feel silly talking about this hobby–even up in my intro to this post I make a joke about not doing the “important” things and sewing instead.

But one of my resolutions is to let myself take it more seriously. This week I got a book at the library on Bauhaus weaving and I was just gobsmacked that these textiles–these rugs and fabrics and “frivolous” things–had a whole art book about them. I don’t know why I’ve never allowed myself to call sewing “art” but it is. Or at least, it can be.