Favorite project of the year

It’s New Year’s Day, but I use my birthday on the 3rd to plan the year ahead, so let’s look back on what I made in 2018.


  • One quilted kimono, self-drafted and marginally successful (I think I might cut the weird sleeves off and make it a vest)
  • Two Wiksten Kimono Jackets (now called Wiksten Haori): tan linen, amazing blue jacquard 


  • Emerson Pants in Japanese canvas
  • Hudson Pants in glen plaid 
  • Arenite Pants in brown linen (These were the fail of the year; they were too big and too brown. I still the concept, though; if I find the right fabric I might try again.)
  • A vintage Simplicity jumpsuit out of an IKEA duvet

Woven Tops 

Knit Tops 



  • A mini capsule with Hudson pants and 2 Finlayson Pullovers (confession, I hate the fit on those pullovers–they were a men’s pattern, lesson learned–and am going to make something better and warmer this month).


  • Six pairs of undies (I discovered both lingerie sewing and the deep and abiding joy of full-coverage underwear)



That’s 32 garments (34, if you count baby rompers) and some smaller projects–more than double last year’s output. Having a serger all year was definitely a game-changer.

On top of all of this, I bought a few things from J. Crew and Madewell (and even exercise tights from Old Navy), but I bought a few more from Everlane and Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective, aka more sustainable/sweatshop-free places. And the majority of my new clothes in 2018 were made by me–a first!

Second favorite (ok, it was almost a tie)