The end of the year kind of got away from me, so let’s take a week to review what I made and what I want to make for next year–starting with some Christmas presents.

I didn’t really plan it, but my brother’s family all got handmade things this year. It started when my brother was talking about a shirt he had in high school, which we both loved (I stole it from him and wore it to junior high when I could): a Levi’s button up in navy and white buffalo plaid. I knew Kaufman made a really nice heavy duty buffalo plaid a couple years ago; I found the last yardage in existence on Etsy in August and bought it.

I started before Thanksgiving and batch sewed it along with Doc’s birthday shirt (using the same M6044 pattern). He was really touched and says he loves it–the fit is great, as you can see.


For my sister-in-law, an actual rocket scientist, I found this science print on Spoonflower and sewed her up an Ida Clutch, minus the magnetic snap, so she can use it as a travel bag when she goes to all her rocket science conferences.


And finally, I wasn’t going to make anything for my nephew, because I thought, “What seven-year-old wants something that could have been given in Little House on the Prairie times?” Well, turns out this seven-year-old does.

I brought sock knitting along on our beach vacation road trip in October and he was fascinated and learned how it all worked. Then he told me, “You should make me a scarf that’s blue and green and purple and orange.”

Reader, when we got home I ordered the yarn so fast my keyboard was smoking. I made his scarf really long (probably too long) because I thought it would be more fun and dramatic for a little kid. He opened the box on Christmas and said, “Oh! It’s my scarf! You made it like I asked!” and that was the best reaction I could have hoped for.