Last week I mentioned a string of projects in a row not working out for me. They included two pairs of undies (one a new style I hated, one in a pattern I forgot I altered to be too low rise); a hat; and a too-small pair of pants that ALSO had incredibly disturbing pattern matching across the butt:

The tigers were an expensive Euro knit and I thought that since I’d made a successful version of these pants previously, I’d be fine using it. Except I didn’t think to check the stretch percentage on this knit and they’re just barely too small (and being stretched to the fabric’s limit really doesn’t help that six-legged tiger be any less disturbing).

As for the hat, it’s just meh. I can’t get the wave out of the brim, even though I used the recommended stabilizer, and I don’t like the shape of the crown. I keep wanting to be a hat person but then I never like myself in any hat, so maybe I just need to accept that.  At least this was a free pattern and I used fabric scraps for it (recognize the patio chair cushions?).

I don’t post the duds much but they do exist–especially in this Summer of Struggle. Between Toby and my job, I have limited mental capacity for anything extra (even the gym lately) so it’s extra frustrating when the sewing I do manage to get in doesn’t work out.

But maybe the Summer of Struggle will be followed by the Autumn of Ease & Abundance and I’ll be back to complicated, beautiful projects?  Here’s hoping.