We started the long road to Toby’s diabetes diagnosis in April, when his digestive system kind of blew up (sometimes literally). His insulin dose really seemed to resolve most of it, so I got out of the habit of the morning Poop Check for surprises.

We upped his dose a little last week and it caused some upset again, so once again I was spraying carpet cleaner first thing in the morning. Thankfully (hopefully!) it was only for a couple of days, but I must have missed something on a recent Poop Check because we ran the Roomba.  And guess what it hit.

All I will say is, thank GOD it was Matt’s day off and he was downstairs to stop it after he smelled it, because usually I start the Roomba and then go upstairs until it’s done. He was a hero and tackled cleaning the Roomba while I cleaned carpets, and just…there has been a lot of poop in my life for the last few months. I would like for there to be less poop now?

(Hilariously, Toby managed to look offended at the fuss and smell while we cleaned up, very clearly giving off, “I am not responsible, I did not start the Roomba” vibes.)