After I finally realized I’ll be working from home for the rest of the summer, sewing got a lot more fun again. I’m using fabrics from my stash and kind of just going for it without a plan of what will match my work wardrobe or what would be office-appropriate.

That’s how I ended up with this cotton gauze muumuu-meets-jumpsuit:

This one’s a little blurry but it shows the motion well (also blurry photos hide the wrinkles in your face!)

This is the CCP Amy Jumpsuit, which I’d already bought in December and had printed out. The fabric is a cotton gauze I picked up at JoAnn last year and the whole thing is really light and cool to wear.

Fit-wise, I added an inch to the torso, which I always do. I probably could have gotten away without it, but the extra length allowed me to shorten the straps quite a bit so the neckline wasn’t so open and the darts hit me in a better place. The bodice is lined and I was really impressed with the instructions for finishing that around the zipper.

I haven’t sewn a CCP pattern since I was so underwhelmed by the Kalle Shirt, but I was impressed with this pattern: The instructions are good, the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps, there are pockets, and I think the cut is really elegant.  (Or as elegant as a crazy big leg jumpsuit you wear at home with bare feet can be.)