My quilted chore coat is done! We got some pics on our greenhouse visit and I just love how this project turned out.

I started work on piecing this in early December and had most of that done in mid-January. Then I had to pick a pattern–after muslining the Paola Workwear Jacket, I scrapped it and decided to use the Simplicity 4109 I’d made before. (If you spend two months assembling the fabric for your jacket, you don’t want any unknowns or weird fit issues.)

When it came time to quilt the pattern pieces at the end of January, I knew wanted a really puffy and soft jacket. I love the long quilt coat I made but I used a flat cotton batting and quilted it pretty densely so it just isn’t cuddly. For this, I used “Cloud Loft” polyester batting and just outlined the star shapes and it’s as fluffy as I imagined.

In February, I sewed it all together, made the bias binding, bound the edges, and gave it a final (careful) wash and dry to puff it up but not shrink it. (The Cloud Loft’s bulk took out some of the ease in the pattern, so it was kind of a nail biter if this would even fit in the end–but it did.)

The hanger shot, with a custom label of course:

And the details/sources:

This all started with a pack of 5″ squares from Harmony Provo of the Warp and Weft Honey line. I filled it in with Kaffe Fasset fat quarters from Harmony and a couple Etsy shops, plus some gingham and old, old pieces from stash. I got the Kona white background fabric from Sewtopia (plus some more Warp and Weft fabrics), and used a Storrs cotton lawn backing from Blackbird Fabrics.

Extra shout out to Martha Moore’s tutorial on attaching a collar to a quilted body–the tip to quilt along the roll line of the collar worked amazingly well, even in this puffy batting.