This was one of those projects where the fabric and the pattern just come together–it’s fun to make and the end product is everything you hoped it would be, namely, A JACKET WITH JAPANESE WARRIORS ON IT:

This is Japanese cotton dobby I snatched up from Stonemountain without a project in mind. Looking through my patterns while planning the Autumn of WFH Jackets, I saw an old Built By Wendy for Simplicity jacket pattern, Simpicity 4109. I’d made the view with the wide sleeves back in 2007 (so long ago I have the post but no pictures) but hadn’t tried the straightforward “chore jacket” style.


I had to find a bigger size on Etsy, since I’m a lot broader than I was 13 years ago, but I’m glad I did. It’s a simple pattern but has some good details. There’s really deep back facing (I finished it with bias binding, because why not)…

…and some truly delightful pockets, on which I did the finest pattern matching of my life.

The print was big enough that I didn’t want to break it up over the front, so I took time to get the pockets perfect. I didn’t have enough fabric to do any matching that exact across the body but I think the scale helps disguise that.

This was just a fun sew that ticked all my boxes: easy construction, precise topstitching, contrasting undercollar, detailed print, HORSES, Bob Ross pthalo blue and all my other favorite colors.


Definitely one of my favorite projects of the year.