I’ve mentioned the StyleBee blog here before and how helpful many of her exercises have been. She also put together a “loungewear capsule,” which intrigued me but also sounded a little too fashion-blogger-y. However, she made some good points:

I’ve always felt my ‘after work’ clothes were blah and uninspired but never did anything to change that. I figured, who sees it? Who cares? But the truth is that I do and the crazy thing is I end up wearing these pieces almost as much as I do my core closet items (if not more!).

And I kept coming back to her VERY GOOD POINT to make sure your loungewear doesn’t show your pet’s hair. I’d been living in the same pair of terry Hudson pants I first sewed and a black hoodie (Toby is not black). I needed a few more pieces so I decided to make them all work together.

The “inspo” (since I’m going all fashion blogger today–image source is lost to the depths of Pinterest):

And the capsule:

I started with another pair of Hudsons in a really wonderful Telio bamboo knit–it has way better drape and recovery than the terry pair. It’s exactly Toby color, too:

The two tops are the Thread Theory Finlayson pullover–aka the same pattern I made for Doc for Christmas. (Yes, we are the couple with matching loungewear now.) I made the hoodie version for me in a gray fleece from Amazon:


And I made the shawl collar version in a drapey French terry blend from Fashion Fabrics Club via Amazon (I had some gift cards to use up):

I got fancy with the facings in my versions and used scraps of my favorite projects–Liberty and ikat. (The pattern has fantastic instructions for adding twill tape and making a professional finish.)

These three, combined with the original lounge pants and that flannel shirt, have been keeping me feeling pulled together at home for a couple of weeks now. The color palette means everything works together. Even better–all the cat hair is invisible now!