I’ve been looking for a pair of drapey, comfy, trouser-ish pants for a few years now. I ordered and returned things from J. Crew and Athleta and ended up thinking that the style wasn’t for me.

But it turns out it wasn’t me; it was the dumb ready-to-wear pants, because I did some slight modifications to the Hudson Pant from True Bias and now I have the pants I’ve been searching for all these years.
[I did not make that astonishing shirt–it’s from Nooworks, made in California and featuring prints from women artists. I came across them on Instagram and I have never hit “buy” so fast in my life.]

The chambray Hudsons I made first were a consistent two sizes bigger than my measurements, per the tutorial for making them in a woven. For this pair, I shaved off a size around the hips and then re-drafted below the knee to be a little wider, so the leg is more straight overall.

I made these up in a really beautiful rayon twill, which barely wrinkles and is so soft. (Everlane released their “easy pant” yesterday which is nearly identical to what I’ve made–but mine’s not dry clean only.) Take that, ready to wear!