My big brother is 41 today!

He has such a wide range of deeply practical knowledge (car repair, agriculture, how things are made, how trains work, what specific aircraft is in the sky above him) and esoteric stuff that still surprises me after all these years (what was carried on Apollo 11, piano jazz, the chemistry of rocket fuel…)

He’s curious and so smart, and when he wants to learn about something, he learns everything there is to know about it and then that info is ready for when someone idly says, “I wonder how¬†x works…”

Much like my dad, people just kind of assume he’ll know things and come to him for help. He’s incredibly generous with his time and resources in the neighborhood and with his friends and family.

He’s a great cook who does Thanksgiving dinner for us every year. He gets excited like a little kid about anything mechanical, fast, or big. He’s the stay-at-home dad to Skyler, and best of all he’s teaching him to be as curious as he is.

Happy birthday!