Cue the Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, because “as God is my witness, I will never pay for workout pants again.” Now I can MAKE them!

These are the Super G Tights from Greenstyle Creations and for this first trial pair, I made View A without pockets. The pattern itself is fantastic–easy to put together, with lots of inseam lengths marked and smart construction methods.

I’m still figuring out my faux flatlock stitch/stretch thread set up so I have some doubts about the longevity of this pair–but I did wear them for a workout and no seams popped open, so I’m calling it a win. (This article helped me figure out I had my lower looper tension wrong.) The fabric is a mystery “performance” tricot from JoAnn. For a trial pair, it was a fine fabric choice (and I love that print) but it doesn’t want to wick away much sweat.

But still: I MADE TIGHTS! I can make all the tights I want now, without sweatshop labor and without paying $80! Do I have three more cuts of fabric on their way to me for THREE MORE PAIRS? You know I do.