Before I started making masks, I knocked out a couple baby gifts. I can’t imagine being pregnant at a time like this; making cute smol clothes during that first week of isolation was a real act of hope. If people are still optimistic enough to be having babies, it can’t be that bad, right? Right?

Anyway. The first gift is for a coworker and his wife who aren’t finding out the gender of their July baby. This sloth knit was actually leftover from a pair of unblogged underwear I made for Doc. (Don’t tell the coworker.) This is the Brindille & Twig Harem Romper again and it’s seriously such a great pattern–fast and adorable and easy.

The second baby gift is for my therapist, who’s going on maternity leave next week. The gift was originally just going to be the blanket in the background–the Purl Soho Super Easy Baby Blanket in cotton.

I’d been knitting the blanket during our sessions for a few months so she knew it was coming–but then I realized that this was my chance to sew a ridiculous baby girl outfit. (Everyone I know who’s had a baby has either not found out the gender in advance or had boys.) It was the first week of isolation to boot, so I found a pattern for a balloon romper and went digging through the good scraps to see what I had that would coordinate.

I came up with a big piece of Liberty print, which was perfect: It was leftover from a scarf I made my mom for her birthday 8 years ago. She also loved to sew baby gifts for people (usually quilts) and I know she would have loved this little romper.