I’ve made 27 fabric masks for friends, family, and coworkers since last Tuesday. People saw the one I made for Doc and asked for their own; I had a bunch of elastic and fabric on hand and lots of time. It all worked out.

At first I was documenting the outside and inside of every mask but at this point I’m not even taking pictures of them at all. But for the future historians who’ll be searching for how citizens coped during the Great Pandemic of 2020, here’s a sampling:

I do really enjoy picking the fabric combos for each recipient. I’m even going so far as to make sure that masks for a family group or a couple complement each other, which is maybe a little excessive but makes me happy.

My friend gave me another stash of elastic, so I’m still making masks if you need one–I have another 8 requests I need to sew in the next couple of days and PLENTY of fabric. (No charge, because I wish I didn’t have to make these at all and I’m not gonna profit from a pandemic.)