It was so hot I pretty much stayed inside this weekend, not even trying to get up to the mountains (they would have been a little cooler, but the car ride might have oven-roasted me). But look at the progress I made on the t-shirt quilt for my friend!


That is two big sections of the corners and a strip for the bottom (the blocks in the sections and strip are sewn together, but the big sections themselves are just laid on top of each other). This goes fast when one actually gets around to sewing it.

Cat provided for scale:
I also started and finished a tank top Sunday–downloaded the pattern, taped it together and cut it out, found fabric in my stash, cut out the fabric, and sewed it up. It’s the Wiksten tank and I wanted to test the fit before I used some leftover Liberty of London to make another one. This, too, goes fast.


All in all, a productive (if sedentary) weekend.