It’s been pushing 105 here, which hasn’t happened in years. So I picked up the “hot” chapter of Dandelion Wine, when Douglas gets sick from the heat and from “too many things happening to him that summer” and the junkman saves him with magic bottled air. (It’s Bradbury. It works when you read it.) Anyway, here is the junkman reading the list of the ingredients of the magic cool air:

He lifted one bottle into the light. “GREEN DUSK FOR DREAMING BRAND PURE NORTHERN AIR,'” he read. “Derived from the atmosphere of the white Arctic in the spring of 1900, and mixed with the wind from the upper Hudson Valley in the month of April,1910, and containing particles of dust seen shining in the sunset of one days in the meadows around Grinnell, Iowa, when a cool air rose to be captured from a lake and a little creek and a natural spring.”

“Now the small print,” he said, and squinted. “Also containing molecules of vapor from menthol, lime, papaya, and watermelon and all other water-smelling, cool-savored fruits and trees like camphor and herbs like wintergreen and the breath of a rising wind from the Des Plaines River itself. To be taken on summer nights, when the heat passes ninety.”