I redid the neck on my sweater vest and look! It fits over my head!

I’m so pleased it worked out. It’s exactly like I pictured it, from the fuzzy texture to the grass green color to the fit. Those deep armholes are what drew me to the pattern and make it easy to layer over big shirts:

The “Zoom mullet” (business on top, sweatpants on bottom) plus my Murder She Wrote glasses


The pattern–the Holiday Slipover by Petite Knit–was a joy to knit from; I can see why her work is so popular. I watched the videos on her site and did my best job yet picking up stitches for the neck and arms, plus my first Italian bind-off on all the edges. (Twice, on the neck edge.)

The yarn is a thicker cotton/alpaca/merino held with a silk/mohair strand. That mohair fuzz is a Petite Knit signature; I’d always avoided mohair because it seemed itchy/tickly but on a vest, it didn’t matter. I’m glad I added it because the finished fabric is so light but super warm and also delightfully fuzzy.

This is the first non-sock/big needle knitting I’ve done since the year my mom died. Part of the avoidance was four years of tendonitis and part of it was remembering waiting at my parents in the days before she died, working on another chunky sweater on those same needles.

I’m glad the next project on those needles turned out so well. Green for a new start.