I love it when an indie pattern company releases a dupe of a fast fashion piece–we all save money and also garments get made by people who want to, who are earning more than $6/day.

Petite Stitchery wasn’t on my radar but they came up on Instagram and I saw their Mikal Jacket was pretty much an exact copy of the Free People Hit the Slopes Jacket (the one change was pocket flaps instead of zippers).

I’d impulse bought some neon sherpa fleece at Joann and it all came together:

This was a pretty easy sew, even with making my own bias binding out of supplex to match the trim (it looks like Free People uses foldover elastic, but I didn’t have enough). The collar construction is clever–everything is bound so you can just sandwich the seam allowance at the neck and boom, a nice finish:

The pattern didn’t give finished measurements so I made a large based on body measurements, but it’s definitely an oversized fit. If I make it again, I’ll size down, but it works for layering/being cozy.

And I definitely could make this again–look at all the solid sherpa colors at Joann right now!