Kitchen Week is upon us and it started Saturday with my dad coming up to hang an extra cabinet. The existing cabinets here stopped a foot shy of the counter; that gap was going to look even weirder once we added a backsplash.

At first I wanted my dad to teach me how to build a shelf/cabinet, but he did the research and offered an unfinished, pre-built option. It came with a door, so he had the idea to put the door on the side, and blammo! A place for cookbooks, which freed up a cubby in the credenza, which let me move things around on the counter, which made a lot more space. (If you give a mouse a cookie…)

Dad also primed and painted the unfinished cabinet (we went with paint because there was no way we were going to match the finish). I remember him offering to paint, but he says I asked him to. 😆 Either way, I got a pretty good deal: a hundred dollar cabinet and minimal effort on my part. (And, to be fair, definitely less  effort on my dad’s part than if he taught me to build one from scratch.)

The plan is for Doc and me to tile on our own on Friday. I’ve been relentlessly tracking the accent tile and it might arrive in time for that; if not, we’ll finish up on the next weekend.