I finished this back in December (before I started in on Coatstravaganza) and put it on Instagram, but realized I never blogged it. This is the Closet Core Patterns pouf, which you not only sew from scraps, you stuff with scraps, too.

Waaaaaay back in the day (RIP, old blog pics), I tried making something similar from an Amy Butler pattern. It didn’t have a zipper. It was supposed to be stuffed tight with fiberfill. I was too inexperienced to realize what a bad combo that was, but you can imagine the difficulties. I never liked the finished product.

This (free!) pattern has a zipper and is stuffed with fabric. What a difference! I’d been saving big scraps, old homemade clothes that would be tricky to donate, old worn out/ripped clothes that would just get thrown away, and sooo many underwear muslins for quite a while, thinking I would either find a fabric recycling program or…make this pouf.

Long-time readers will see parts of some pants, a shower curtain, a living room curtain, a jacket, and an ironing board cover up there in the mix. I made my own giant piping cord to be fancy, and added a covered button in the middle to hide my points not perfectly aligning.


My pouf took the entire black bag (!) and most of the white (!!) initially; after about a month of settling I shoved the rest  of the white bag in. That’s about 25 pounds (!!!) of filling that would have ended up in the landfill or still be sitting in the basement.

It’s solid enough to be a real seat that you don’t have to warn guests about it, too. Highly recommend making this and putting your fabric garbage to good use.