We haven’t had snow on the ground for more than a week this winter, which means all the brown and gray and dead lawn and plants are in full view. I am 100% sure this is why I’m shopping for neon yarn and fabric lately. I’ve bought a lot of yarn, but I am trying really hard to not buy fabric (because there’s nowhere to put it). Maybe blogging about it will help me not want to buy it?

I was idly clicking around Stonemountain‘s site and found this assortment of cottons that would look great together as a tiered ruffly top. Good thing I don’t have anywhere to wear a neon tiered ruffly top, or I’d have to buy all of these.


However, I DO go to the gym, and there is a lot of neon spandex over at Blue Moon Fabrics:

Hmmm… I go to the gym AND I’m about ready to buy a coverstitch machine. Maybe I DO need some neon fabric in my life.