Well, I’ve found a way to keep shopping for sewing stuff without buying more garment fabric: making outdoor gear. I got a few little kits from Ripstop By The Roll (when I ordered the fabric for the hip belt for my lumbar pack) and sewed them up in an afternoon.

First is a dry bag in Dyneema, which is the darling of the outdoor gear world because it’s so strong and light. It sewed normally but felt weird, like sewing paper or a really thin blue IKEA bag.

The kit had everything you need, including seam tape to make it waterproof, plus hardware.

I also got their general $10 DIY Kit to try out some different fabrics. The hardware included in that one would make a stuff sack, but I wanted a zip pouch to hold my headlamp and emergency space blanket.

I tried out the LearnMYOG pattern generator to get the dimensions I needed and used a zipper I had laying around. (There are SO MANY zippers laying around… and after this MYOG craze fades, I’m going to have so much outdoor fabric laying around. Bury me with lots of craft supplies, I guess.)