Another way you can keep buying things is to say you’re starting a new hobby. Like I said in July, I wanted to try bookbinding, so I got some papers and glue and attempted a stab stitch binding. Then I was afraid to break into the case binding kit I bought (and veered back into sewing outdoor gear; too many hobbies).

But then I saw a case binding class was being taught at a local paper place in September so I signed up and learned how to do it live. Reader, there is sewing involved!

Above is sewing the signatures to make a text block. We used a curved needle, which felt primitive and satisfying.

Then you make the cover, which involves the old favorites of cardboard and fancy paper and glue:

And then you glue the text block into the covers and boom! A real book!

The little guy on the left is just a pamphlet stitch practice run, which the class started with to get extra practice on punching holes and sewing with that curved needle.

Will I try my kit for a casebound book on my own next? Yes! Except do I want to buy more supplies for it just because I can? Also yes!