Yesterday, when I said I had a knit top for thing #17, “in progress,” that really meant that I had the pattern ready to go. Well, Monday morning is a good time to go to fabric stores so I got the fabric, pre-washed it, made some cookies while I waited for it to finish drying because the dryer is going out at the apartment, cut it out, and started sewing at 4:00. At 7:00, I was done. Is something that fast even a real project?
Granted, it’s not a complicated piece of clothing and sweatshirt fleece is really forgiving. But I’m happy with it because now I have sweats to wear around the house! I might have to start watching daytime TV, too.

As for accomplishing thing #17, I think I’ve learned enough to proceed with nicer fabrics. I over-stretched the neck a little when I sewed it and I’ll redraft the sleeves the next time I make this, but overall I think it worked pretty well.

(The pattern and all tips were from this great book. Highly recommended!)