When I was laid off I thought immediately of the 29 Things and how things like paying off debt and buying a new mattress (#2 and #3) would have to be put on hold. While those things and other things that involve money or eating out have had to wait, understandably, I’ve been able to cross a few things off the list:

4. Make a queen-sized quilt. I bet you thought I forgot about this, but I’ve been working on it at my parents’ house on Sundays. I already had the fabric when I was laid off, so I thought making a quilt with no pressure to finish and put it on a new mattress might be nice. I finished piecing the top yesterday! Now I have to add a border, because someone forgot to check her math about how big a queen-size quilt needs to be. Then there’s the back and then, well, the quilting part. Good thing there’s no pressure.
16. Stop biting my nails. I’ve made some progress here, too: After I gnawed them off completely in February, I’ve been able to let them grow a little, if only because I never want my hands to look like that again.
17. Learn how to sew knit fabric. I did a practice T-shirt that ended in the FAIL bin, but I have something else in progress now and future plans for a knit dress. I think I can get this thing figured out.
25. Stop getting plastic bags from the grocery store. Only about a 50% success rate with this one so far, but at least it’s 50%. And it doesn’t cost money.
27. Make cloth napkins and use them for everyday meals. I haven’t made any yet, but I have found three sets on clearance at Target and we’ve been using them regularly.
28. Go out to breakfast one weekend a month. This was able to happen in January and even in February (we went out for Valentine’s Day brunch instead of dinner at The Paris)(#11), so maybe I can keep this one up if we go somewhere humble in March.

And one thing I can’t wait to do: 18. Drink an Old Fashioned at the bar at Bambara the minute I find out I have a job again.