(We can thank Doc for the pun today.)

I made another fleece jacket in this mushroom print from Joann. (I think fleece layers are what I make when I don’t know what to make/ am avoiding piecing a king-size quilt.)

I used the Greenstyle Whistler Jacket pattern but had to fudge the bottom band because the zipper I had on hand was a couple inches too short. I also put in the elastic cuffs as directed but got them too tight,  so I cut them off and did foldover elastic instead. Even for my long arms, there was more than enough sleeve length to lose three inches.

Then I added a chest pocket because the hand pockets are tiny and I wanted to tie in the elastic color. I pulled out the Petite Stitchery jacket pocket pattern piece and used that. Now fleece jacket no. 2051 is sufficiently loud!