Hello and welcome to Karen’s Underwear Blog, where it’s all underwear all the time. Today we have some more underwear for your viewing pleasure, staged this time with a fake plant: 

I actually ponied up and bought fabric for these pairs (numbers 5 and 6) but don’t worry, it was during Stonemountain Fabric’s 20% off knits sale and I only needed half a yard. The pair in front has coyote and quail on it and is stretch cotton; the pair in back is brushed poly.

Things I’ve learned in Unofficial Undies Month:

  1. That pattern doesn’t lie when they say use fabric with at least 40% stretch both way. Some of my scrap pairs aren’t quite that stretchy on the cross grain and it makes a big difference in all-day comfort.
  2. The contrast bands are fun, but maybe a little too “kid’s Underoo.”
  3. The more you blog about your underwear, the more normal it seems.