I did a thing outside my comfort zone on Sunday and attended SLC Frocktails, which I’ve been calling Sewing Prom but is just a cocktail hour to meet and talk to other people who sew, hosted by a local fabric store. But I went all by myself! I talked to a lot of different people, mostly about their outfits and about the best patterns! I am truly proud of myself.

I also made a new outfit for it, one I’d had on the mental list for a while:

Yes, those ARE formal satin crane print pajamas. The fabric and piping had been in my stash for a while; I even tried out the pattern (Closet Core Carolyn Pajamas) as a wearable test last year. (I made the pants a few times, too, but never blogged about any of them.) So this wasn’t an unknown pattern and I didn’t have to buy anything new for it–my only challenge was getting these sewn in a week. (And also somehow forgetting I used a smaller seam allowance on the pants and having to unpick them all and try again.)

I was brave and did a social event on my own, but my bravery failed me at asking anyone to get my picture there. But here’s a shot as I was walking out the door:

My pretty dress days are over; I’m in my Hilary era now (pantsuits forever) so the formal pajamas were a great way to feel fancy but also be comfortable.