I made another dressy, drapey blouse for…all the Zoom calls I’m having, I guess? Maybe it’s just part of the urge to wear shirts with a collar that I mentioned last week.

Anyway, I wanted to test out the Closet Core Patterns Carolyn Pajamas before I made a whole set, and thought that if I left off the piping I could get a shirt that wouldn’t look too much like nightwear. I believe I was correct:

The Closet Core drafting on a notch collar is really, really nice–it comes together precisely and there’s a wonderful roll to the undercollar that keeps everything in place. This was pretty fast to make without piping and without any fancy seam finishes beyond serging.

I used a deadstock rayon bought with Matt’s tigers back in 2021. The colors on the koi are giving me 80s vibes and I’m not mad about it.

I guess if I worry about where I’ll wear this, I can always wear it to bed like actual pajamas!