I think it’s pretty well established that I’m a sucker for a modern sonnet but this one is especially wonderful–the rhyme of “glasses” and “asses”! (First seen on the Poetry Is Not a Luxury Instagram.)


Make Out Sonnet
by F. Douglas Brown

The first time I saw two men kissing, I was six,
Living in 1970s L.A. My mom took care
Of an elderly woman who found herself in a fix
And moved into a complex of all men, bare
Chested men, with cutoff jeans and tinted glasses.
My mother’s friend gave me chocolates that matched
Her skin—this must be heaven. These sons’ asses
Peeked out beneath their shorts, but watched
Over her better than mom. Took donations for heat,
A sofa and a new wig—all changed her mood.
They even did her laundry. They did sweet
Better than honey. Did family better than blood.
And between duties, two men always off alone
So desire, like the dishes, could also get done.