The Australian fabric retailer Nerida Hansen appeared on my radar last year. Much like my favorite clothing company Nooworks, they work with women artists to make limited runs of fabric. So when I saw that my favorite artist Lisa Congden was coming out with fabric for them, I snapped up three meters as soon as it was available. (Lisa did a very similar print for Nooworks at the same time, if you want a garment vs. fabric.)

Just look at it–there’s a pencil and lightning and snakes and rainbows and an ampersand and a hand that looks like it’s flipping you off but is actually crossed fingers!

I didn’t want to break up that print too much so I went with something pretty simple–Vogue 9198. I lengthened it by about 5 inches and then added an 8-inch ruffle to the bottom. I also just put elastic at the end of the sleeves vs. doing full cuffs, mostly because I didn’t want to deal with interfacing.

I went full FASHUN on the styling (inspired by this image) and honestly I need to wear more dresses with grandma sneakers. It really adds to the “witch goes to art school” vibe of this fabric.