I call this one my “house coat” and yes, it’s a solid color AND a neutral (I know!).

I got the fabric (soft linen/rayon from Oak Fabrics) and pattern (Sienna Maker Jacket from Closet Core) back in May, when I thought a light linen jacket would be perfect for cool summer mornings. I honestly don’t remember why I didn’t make it right away–either I was bored by a solid neutral or I think it got really hot, really fast–but it’s still a nice layer for cooler fall mornings/evenings.

I was going for a copy of this Madewell linen blazer so I didn’t do the overlapping front with the belt as shown in the pattern (I didn’t do the belt at all, because I just don’t wear belts).

I was really impressed with the drafting and construction of the collar and facing–the directions give a super clean finish and a nice sharp roll to the collar. I was less impressed with the pocket construction, but the actual pockets themselves (three on the outside, one on the inside) are great.

I wear this a lot over all my printed pants and jumpsuits, I did a nice job with the finishing, I enjoy all the pockets–but I just don’t LOVE this the way I love my crazy prints. I guess not everything needs to be a print, but it’s where my heart is.