It’s kind of a perfect storm right now for anxious people–Seasonal Affective Disorder is setting in, there’s so much uncertainty around the election, not to mention the ongoing pandemic that shows no sign of getting better. I found this quote in a book I’m rereading and now “bag of snakes” is my shorthand for Doc when I feel ready to jump out of my skin, which has been almost all the time now for the last couple weeks.

I have my lists of things to do to manage anxiety; things aren’t out of control. But they’ve all been a little harder to do lately–except “go to the gym” so I’ve been leaning into that. (And trying to not get into a cycle of anxiety about how risky it is while rona cases are spiking in my state, because the gym helps so much.)

This crappy gym meme really does sum it up for me:

So I’ll keep doing what works and break out the daylight simulating lamp, too. “This too shall pass.”