Part of The Great Style Crisis of Fall 2014 is that my old clothes don’t fit any more. My shoulders are broader (thanks, yoga) as is my middle. (Ahem. More hiking!) So a beloved J Crew coat is a tight fit over a sweater or a blazer now–and by tight fit, I mean I can barely button it.  My other coats are less snug, but they’re turquoise, or purple, or blue houndstooth, or striped. What my wardrobe really needs is a neutral-colored coat that’s big enough.

Fortunately, I have some camels hair coating laying around. I kept hesitating to cut into it for a cape because I just wasn’t sure a cape would get worn enough to justify the time and materials. But a coat that is a copy of this J. Crew coat? A coat that fits? That’ll get worn.


For the pattern, I’ll use the Built By Wendy Simplicity coat I made a few years ago in striped canvas. I know it still fits (I even tried it on over a blazer) and it’s pretty simple to make.

Now to get sewing before I increase in size any further…