I decided I needed some in-between tops that had more heft than a t-shirt but less than a sweatshirt, since the mornings are cold but it’s still warming up for the afternoons. I also had some knit pieces that I’d impulse bought over the last couple years and then thought, “What am I going to do with these?”

Turns out you can make a Serious Business Lady turtleneck in a pegasus print and a long sleeve top with French darts covered in Rainbow Brites:


The pegasii are a Euro knit from Jumping June, in a test of the Wardrobe by Me Trudy Turtleneck. The pattern delivers on its promise of a classic fit, but next time I make it I’ll need to do a full bicep adjustment (the hazards of being TOO SWOLE).


Rainbow Brite is a much lower quality knit from a place called Purple Seamstress Fabrics, but that almost doesn’t matter because RAINBOW BRITE. I used the Named Patterns Sloan Sweatshirt for this one–a sweatshirt shape in a regular-weight knit is something I saw Nooworks doing and it’s such a smart idea.

I’d almost forgotten how fast knits are to sew. Next up, some fancy sweatpants to pair with my new, inner-six-year-old-approved tops.