It’s a good thing I didn’t resolve to not buy any new fabric this year, because it’s only February and I have three new cuts waiting to be sewn up. (In my defense, one is a gift and one was purchased with a gift card. So it’s like I only bought one new cut!)

I talked about making leggings last month and then I found this space-print spandex at JoAnn, where I had a gift card, so this purchase was really a no-brainer. Now I just need to start experimenting with flatlock finishes on my serger.


Doc and I don’t do a lot for Valentine’s Day. This year, I bought myself a lipstick with our joint account (romantic!) and asked if he wanted to buy himself something, have me surprise him, or pick out fabric for a new shirt. He picked “fabric” and I showed him a few options. I presented this Japanese cat print oxford as kind of a joke–I loved it but thought he wouldn’t go for it–and he said, “That’s the one. Buy it now!”


And finally, Blackbird Fabrics got some new prints in, which they teased on their Instagram. I saw this cheetah poly crepe and thought, “I need that” and got some before it sold out the next day. I ordered enough for a short-sleeve shirt and, while waiting for it to arrive, discovered the Perkins Shirt pattern from Ensemble Patterns. I think that will be a great match for these drapey cheetahs.

I didn’t realize until the cheetahs came and I put them next to Doc’s fabric in the “to sew” pile that we will have matching short-sleeve cat shirts.

We’re OK with that.