I’ve talked about Ask A Swole Woman here before; she’s the reason I started lifting. She’s now writing a column for Self and, back in September, I wrote in to ask for advice on what pants to wear to the gym that aren’t leggings. (Remember these sweatpant knockoffs?)

She published my question last week! Of course, the kicker is that since I wrote in, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with doing gym things (and how my butt looks), so I go to class in leggings like it ain’t no thing. As she says:

“…stretchy fitted pieces just do truly make a lot of the practical elements of lifting easier for everyone, regardless of your biology or geometry, and I do think many people end up making this transition not out of narcissism, but rather out of a kind of necessity. We are a stretchy-garment-loving people, and we come in peace.”



And in more internet fame, I posted Doc’s birthday shirt on my Instagram yesterday, tagging the fabric store because I am not proud (and because I want as many people to have nice ikat as possible). They featured my post in their Story!

Seeing it like that makes me realize that IS some pretty nice pattern matching, if I do say so myself.