I made Doc come look out the window at Venus or Mercury (we’re not sure) this morning and tis the season of shepherds. I like how Robert here puts the entire Nativity on the sheep. I can get behind that.

Looking at the Stars


I still think about the shepherds, how many stars
They saw. We owe our love of God to these sheep
That had to be followed, or companioned, all night.
One can’t just let them run. By midnight

The stars had already become huge talkers.
The Parent sits in her proud Chair, and is punished.
The Dog follows the Hunter. Each time a story ends
There is such a long pause before another begins.

Those of us who are parents, and getting older,
Long, as tonight, for our children to stand
With us, looking at the stars. Here it is,
Eight thousand years later, and I still remember.