Our stray Oliver has been getting more and more tame and enjoying the little blanket we put out for him on the chair. So when I saw it was going to rain all last weekend, I thought I’d try making him a tent. I wasn’t even sure he’d go in it, but it was a big success (even if it looked like a kitty hobo camp, which I guess it is).

It’s hard to take pictures through the glass, but he was having a morning bath.

Well, I sent the tent photo to my mom–the original cat lady–and she came back with an unused small doghouse that my dad had weatherized with one-inch insulation, a raised floor, a pillow, and a fleece pillowcase. (One of her old cats was mostly an outside cat.)

I still wasn’t sure if Oliver would get in something so enclosed, but clearly Oliver is no fool. I put it out at lunch and he was in there by 5:00 that afternoon.

He’s been in it every morning and evening since and most of the day, too. Here he is so relaxed he’s falling out of bed:

I’m so glad he has the smarts to stay warm. There’s going to be a cold snap this weekend so I’ll put in the heated bed warmer (!) my mom also supplied. Next up is figuring out how to keep his food dry and water unfrozen as it gets colder. And, you know, moving him into the house. (Don’t tell Toby.)